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You are an enterprise desktop support technician for Wingtip Toys. Wingtip Toys has two offices.


Active Directory Configuration

The network contains a single Active Directory domain. An Active Directory site exists for each office. The network contains the organizational units (OUs) that are shown in the following table:




The network contains an enterprise root certification authority (CA). Certificate autoenrollement is enabled for all users.


Network Configuration

Each office has a wireless network. You control access to the wireless network in office 1 by using Network Access Protection (NAP). A Group Policy object (GPO) named GPO1 configures the NAP settings for the computers in office 1.


Resource Access

The Documents folders of all users are encrypted by using Encrypting File System (EFS). The Documents folders of all users are backed up daily.

A Web server named Web1 hosts an internal Web site named WebSite1. Users connect to WebSite1 from the Internet by using the URL The domain name is resolved by using the Hosts file that is located on each client computer.

Users frequently work from home. Home users connect to the internal network by using SSTP- based VPN connections.


Line of Business Applications

Your company has a line-of-business application named App1. App1 is installed only on computers that run Windows XP. You test App1 by using the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT). ACT reports that App1 can be made compatible to run on Windows 7.







You deploy App1 on a test Windows 7 computer and notice that it fails to run. You need to ensure that App1 runs on Windows 7 computers. What should you do?


  1. Digitally sign App1.

  2. Develop and deploy a shim for App1.

  3. Configure an AppLocker policy.

  4. Configure a Software Restriction Policy.


Correct Answer: B




An administrator modifies the external IP address of Web1 and creates a Hosts (A) record for on the external DNS servers. Your users report that they can no longer connect to from the Internet. You need to ensure that users can connect to from the Internet. What should you do?


  1. Instruct the users to modify the DNS client settings on their computers.

  2. Instruct the users to remove an entry from the Hosts file that is located on their computers.

  3. Request that an administrator create a Pointer (PTR) resource record for the new IP address of Web1.

  4. Request that an administrator create an alias (CNAME) resource record for


Correct Answer: B




A group of users from office 2 travels to office 1 to work on a project. The users from office 2 report that they are unable to connect to the wireless network in office 1 from their portable computers. A help desk administrator manually provides the users with access to the wireless network. You need to ensure that the next time users from office 2 travel to office 1 they can connect to the wireless network in office 1. What should you request?


  1. Link GPO1 to Office2-Users-OU.

  2. Link GPO1 to Office2-Computers-OU.

  3. Change the office attribute for the user accounts.

  4. Change the location attribute for the computer accounts.


Correct Answer: B





The help desk reports that they receive many calls from remote users who cannot access Internet Web sites while they are connected to the VPN. The help desk instructs the users to manually configure the VPN connection so that the users can access Internet Web sites while connected to the VPN. You need to provide a recommendation to reduce the number of calls to the help desk regarding this issue. What should you recommend?


  1. Deploy a Network Policy Server (NPS).

  2. Replace the SSTP-based VPN with a PPTP-based VPN.

  3. Issue computer certificates from a trusted root certification authority (CA) to all remote users.

  4. Create and distribute Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) profiles to all remote users.


Correct Answer: D




A user’s computer fails. The help desk provides the user with a new computer. The user’s Documents folder is restored from the backup. The user reports that he can no longer access his encrypted files. The help desk recovers the files by using a data recovery agent (DRA). You need to ensure that when users receive new computers, they can access their encrypted files without administrative intervention. What should you request?


  1. That Credential roaming be enabled.

  2. That BitLocker be enabled on all computers.

  3. That User accounts be trusted for delegation.

  4. That the CA be configured for key archival and recovery.


Correct Answer: A


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