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Topic 2, Contoso, Ltd



Contoso, Ltd. is an online store that has a main office, two branch offices, and five warehouses.


Contoso has 2,600 users. Nine hundred users work in the warehouses. The rest of the users work in the offices.


Contoso has 1,000 partners. The partners are manufacturers and distributors whose products are sold online by Contoso.


The company has an IT department, a purchasing department, a research department, a marketing department a human resources (HR) department, and a finance department.


Existing Environment

Current Environment

Contoso uses various versions of Microsoft SQL Server for its online store application.


Licenses are purchased under Select Plus, Open, Full Packaged Product (FPP). and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Some licenses have Software Assurance (SA). Contoso is not enrolled in a Software Assurance Membership (SAM).


Problem Statement

Contoso identifies the following issues:


clip_image002The users in the IT
department who are responsible for licensing are unaware of the software installations done in the branch offices and the warehouses. Currently, branch office and warehouse managers purchase software licenses independently, according to their needs and to seasonal changes in employment.

clip_image002[1]The IT manager reports that there is a limited budget to update the internal infrastructure compared to the budget to update the infrastructure for the online store systems. The manager also reports that there is limited staff available to manage the IT infrastructure.

clip_image002[2]The HR department reports that requests for vacation time for employees in the warehouses are sent to them by using email and that the current process is unmanageable.

clip_image002[3]The IT department users who are responsible for licensing report that they spend too much time managing various types of licensing solutions.

clip_image002[4]The research department reports that it frequently lacks the server hardware resources to test new multi-tiered applications.



Business Goals

Contoso has the following business goals:


clip_image002[5]Minimize the costs of upgrading.

clip_image002[6]Deliver IT resources to users on demand.

clip_image002[7]Use current and standardized software across the company.

clip_image002[8]Increase and decrease the license count based on seasonal employment.

clip_image002[9]Meet an internal IT department requirement that new systems be low maintenance.

clip_image002[10]Create an HR absence workflow system to manage the vacation time of the users at the warehouses.

clip_image002[11]Update the company’s internal IT environment and minimize all costs associated with the update.

clip_image002[12]Centralize the purchasing of Microsoft software and implement a standardized purchasing process to avoid non-compliant installations.


Planned Changes

Contoso is considering two options:


clip_image002[13]Purchasing new hardware and software and keeping all systems on-premises

clip_image002[14]Migrating the existing IT environment to the cloud


Both solutions will be implemented by the IT department.

Contoso plans to use the latest version of Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and Microsoft Lync Server.

All of the users, except for the warehouse users, must be able to use the Enterprise Voice feature of Lync.




Contoso is evaluating the purchase of a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Which three Office 365 plans support the needs of the HR department? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.



Office 365 Enterprise E4


Office 365 Enterprise E3


Office 365 Enterprise El


Office 365 ProPlus


Office 365 Enterprise K1


Correct Answer: ABC





You need to tell Contoso how to calculate the number of required SQL Server 2014 core- based license packs.


Which three steps should you tell Contoso to perform in sequence?


To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.




Correct Answer:











Contoso deploys an on-premises infrastructure of Lync Server 2013.


You need to recommend a licensing solution for the Lync Server 2013 users.


What should you recommend?



Lync Server 2013 Standard CAL and Lync Server 2013 Plus CAL


Lync Server 2013 Standard CAL and Lync Server Enterprise 2013 CAL


Lync Server 2013 Enterprise CAL and Lync Server 2013 Plus CAL


Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1


Correct Answer: C


Scenario: All of the users, except for the warehouse users, must be able to use the Enterprise Voice feature of Lync.

Lync Enterprise CAL (audio, video, web conferencing) Lync Plus CAL (Enterprise voice features)




Which on-premises solution should you recommend to meet the business goals?



Microsoft Project Server 2013


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013


Microsoft System Center 2012 R2


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013


Correct Answer: C


Microsoft System Center solutions can help you capture and aggregate knowledge about your infrastructure, policies, processes, and best practices so that your IT staff can build manageable systems and automate operations.




You inform Contoso about license management and the benefits of using the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). Which licensing agreement CANNOT be managed from the VLSC?



Enterprise Agreement






Enterprise Subscription Agreement


Correct Answer: C


Not A: Accessing Product Keys by Organization in the VLSC If you purchased an Enterprise Agreement, you can track your product keys by the organization and also sort them in the open Microsoft Excel file in the Organization column.

Not B: When a new Open License order is placed, Microsoft captures the details for both the end customer and reseller.

Not B, Not D: Registered VLSC users who are owners or resellers of Open License agreements can request a limited set of permissions for Open License agreements only.

These permissions include

Viewing Open License agreements

Download licensed software

Access product keys

Viewing a software assurance summary

Viewing or managing Microsoft subscriptions

Reference: Volume Licensing Service Center User Guide




You need to tell Contoso which additional SA benefits the company will receive if it signs an Enterprise Agreement.


Which two SA benefits should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.



Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) rights


Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)


Planning Services


Training Vouchers


Correct Answer: CD


Key benefits of Software Assurance include:


clip_image002[15](C) Planning Services to enable efficient deployments

clip_image002[16](D) In-person and online training for IT pros and end users


Rights to new software releases during the term of your agreement at no additional cost

Access to unique technologies available only to Software Assurance customers Ways to spread payments over time




Which product should you recommend for the research department?



Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online


Windows Intune


Microsoft System Center 2012 R2


Microsoft Azure


Correct Answer: D


Scenario: The research department reports that it frequently lacks the server hardware resources to test new multi-tiered applications.

Use the cloud to host the application.




Which three benefits of an Enterprise Agreement apply to Contoso? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.



The eligibility to downgrade on-premises software.


The eligibility for volume discounts.


The ability to spread payments across the terms of the agreement.


The ability to purchase Microsoft cloud services and on-premises software through one agreement.


The ability to opt out of purchasing SA on a per-license basis.


Correct Answer: BCD


B: When it is purchased through your EA, volume pricing discounts are available and apply to both your initial annual monetary commitment level and any additional Microsoft Azure service capacities you may add throughout your EA.

C: Spread Payments

Payments for products and services purchased at signing may be spread over three annual payments mapping to your yearly agreement anniversary. T
his is a benefit of the EA’s Software Assurance coverage and is offered as an optional payment term with no cost-of- money fees.

D: The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a manageable volume licensing program that gives organizations the flexibility to purchase software licenses and/or cloud services under one agreement in response to the changing technological landscape.

Reference: Program Guide, Enterprise Agreement





Which Microsoft Office 365 plan is the most cost-effective way to license the users in the warehouses and the users in the offices?


To answer, drag the appropriate Office 365 plans to the correct users. Each Office 365 plan may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.




Correct Answer:



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